Cultural Diversity – A2 Geography


The Edexcel Geographical Research module is very different to the first three modules. It’s an opportunity to use all the skills and concepts learnt throughout the course, and apply it in a different way. This exam is made up of a single question and is in the form of an academic report.

The Cultural Diversity Module studies the nature of culture, the values placed on cultural landscapes, the implications of globalisation and the effect of culture on the environment. Similar to Unit 3: ‘Contested Planet’, the exam board release information before the exam describing where to focus your research. However, unlike previous units, the marks in this exam are allocated based on how well your theory is applied to a report structure.

This Revision Booklet covers the main theories and concepts, along with diagramatic suggestions and case studies to use within your report. As always with Geography exams, it is important to use up-to-date information and examples where possible. A full list of websites can be found on our Links page, or you can follow @revisionsheets on twitter for articles that match your specification.


Cultural Diversity Booklet

Comprehensive Revision Booklet for the EdExcel Geography Geographical Research – Cultural Diversity Unit.